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About... This mix is set in the world of Harry Potter, but in the far and away past. It focuses on the two women founders of Hogwarts: Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff. The canon information we have for the two of them is kind of spotty, but we do know a few things. Rowena was intelligent, fair, clever, kind of intimidating. Helga was sweet tempered, an excellent cook, and fair-minded. Together, they were dear friends. They were the cleverest and most skilled witches of their age.

This mix implies that the two of them were lovers, once, even if they both went on to meet and marry men, to carry on their lineage. These songs range from highlighting their badassery, seeing them in vulnerable moments, revealing tender thoughts... they are strong, beautiful women who created something magnificent between them.

"Elements" by Lindsey StirlingInstrumental (Orchestral Version)"Heart Asks Pleasure First" by Ahn Trio

"Rhiannon" by Fleetwood Mac
Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night
and wouldn't you love to love her?
Takes to the sky like a bird in flight
and who will be her lover?
All your life you've never seen
woman, taken by the wind
Would you stay if she promised you heaven?
"For Guinivere" by Heather DaleWe'll never be those wide-eyed kids who fell in love then
We'll never fit inside those narrow lines again
We could pretend, we could pretend
But that never suited us somehow
Love is endlessly surprising
Too precious to be squandered
I'll always be your lover,
I'll always be your shoulder,
And I don't care how far they say we've wandered.
"The Truth Beneath the Rose" by Within Temptation
How can blood be our salvation
And justify the pain that we have caused throughout the times
Will I learn what's truly sacred?
Will I redeem my soul, will truth set me free?
"Paradise (What About Us?)" by Within Temptation ft. TarjaWhat about us
Isn't it enough
No we're not in paradise
This is who we are
This is what we've got
No it's not our paradise
But it's all we want
And it's all that we're fighting for
Thought it's not paradise
"See Me in Shadow" by Delain
Standing by the paintings of your dreams
But you have awoken
And all the purples and the greens
Have turned to black
And the ruins of your soul
Have died, no more meaning
I wonder when you have
Become so cold
"Breath of Life" by Florence + the Machine
It's a harder way and it's come to claim her
And I always say, we should be together
And I can see below, 'cause there's something in here
And if you are gone, I will not belong here (belong, belong, belong)
"Let the Flames Begin" by Paramore

Somewhere weakness is our strength,
And I'll die searching for it.
I can't let myself regret such selfishness.
My pain and all the trouble caused,
No matter how long
I believe that there's hope
"Kingdom Come" by The Civil Wars
Tall trees bend and lean pointing where to go
Where you will still be all alone
Don't you fret, my dear
It'll all be over soon
I'll be waiting here for you
Run fast as you can
No one has to understand
Fly high across the sky from here to kingdom come

"The Crow, the Owl, and the Dove" by Nightwish
An owl came to me, old and wise
Pierced right through my youth
I learned its ways, envied its sense
But needed nothing it had
Don’t give me love, don’t give me faith
Wisdom nor pride, give innocence instead
Don’t give me love, I’ve had my share
Beauty nor rest, give me truth instead
"Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec" by Nobuo Uematsu
A chant that is an anagram: unscrambled, it means "Succession of Witches" with four leftover letters... L O V E.


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