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Name: Soldier, Shine On
Author: Ashe
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1008
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Characters/Pairings: Sailor Venus, mentions of the rest of the inner senshi, Princess Serenity, Endymion, Queen Serenity, and the Heavenly Kings. Venus/Kunzite.
Summary: Venus had been thinking of Earth like a forbidden fruit. Perhaps it was more a poisoned apple.
For: [community profile] trope_bingo "forbidden fruit"

Earth sat in the sky like a great blue diamond. Sailor Venus supposed it always had, but she'd never cared to spend much time thinking about it. Since her arrival on the Moon as a senshi, she'd been far too concerned with her own life (training, learning, befriending her compatriots) to consider too much about a faraway kingdom that she had no reason to believe would ever factor overmuch into her day to day life. When Sere began her forays onto Earth, Mina had begun to consider the planet little else than a sort of annoying basement to the Moon where she'd have to go to retrieve her wayward princess.

Then she met him. Senshi of love, sure, but she'd never been in love before. There was supposedly a curse on her line, one that she'd heard about since she was a child but again, never thought too much about. It was the checks and balances system. Her royal gift dealt with love; she could see the soul mates of those around her, she could sense true love in its most holy form, and the most terrible gift, she could sunder love and cause it to die. Thousands of years ago the seers had foreseen the terrible outcome of such a gift and had laid a curse on her line to assure that no royal bearing these gifts would ever find love themselves.

Until now. She couldn't be sure that it was love, used to seeing it as a sort of hazy gold string attaching individuals together, and certainly not able to see that in herself. Still, she found herself spending an odd amount of time just staring up at the sky at that blue diamond, twinkling in the sky, as if trying to entice her to make her own forays.

She had her duty to think about, though, and if she had a personal demon, it was that. She would never betray her duty, not actively, not intentionally, and she simply could not encourage Sere to continue seeing that Earth prince! She would set a terrible example in sneaking off to see him.

She was starting to sound like Mars.

"Sailor Venus," She turned to the sound of her name. "There's a letter. From Earth."

She ran all the way to the Queen's private war room. She wasn't surprised to find that Sailor Mars had beaten her there, but she was a little startled when Sere joined them along with Mercury and Jupiter. The Queen refused to say what the letter had contained until they had all gathered.

"The King and Queen of Earth have written to us as a gesture of goodwill." The Queen said. Venus felt a rush of relief course through her. "They wish to send an ambassador to negotiate a treaty of peace through marriage."

Venus blinked. Marriage? To who? She felt like she didn't have all of the facts.

"Between Serenity and their son, the Crown Prince Endymion." Silence, then they were all talking at once. Save Venus. She felt oddly comforted. If this alliance were to flourish... she had spent a great deal of effort trying to pretend she hadn't seen Serenity and Endymion together. They were soul mates. Her powers had told her as much. She'd been so distracted by him that she hadn't wanted to consider that overmuch.

The Queen held up a hand to silence the protestations. Sere had flushed a rosy pink, and she looked so pleased. Venus felt a stab of joy for her.

The delegation did not arrive for two weeks, but they were a peaceful two weeks for the senshi if no one else. The princess was the absolute model of good behavior, which freed up a great deal of time for the senshi to help with preparations.

Jupiter, who had a great talent for cooking, was asked to help in the kitchens. Mercury consulted with the engineers about the Earth ships and the physicians about what to expect from the Earth physiology. Mars and Venus were frequentedly closeted with the Queen, discussing security measures to be taken. Venus was, of course, Captain of the Royal Guard, and Mars was a General of the Lunar Armies. Together they worked towards the safety of the Moon and her allied planets.

Caught up in the haze of preparations, the actual arrival snuck up on Venus. She and the other senshi were to meet the delegation at the landing zone, with the Queen and princess.

Sere was nearly bouncing with excitement. Venus felt her excitement as her own, though she had far better ability to hide it. The ship landed, the hatch opened, and down strode a relatively small delegation, for a Prince and his retainers.

She recognized Prince Endymion, having met him briefly a time or two, and she knew that the four men with him were the Heavenly Kings, district rulers on Earth who answered to the Terran High King, Endymion's father. A group of guards and advisers, exactly as had been expected.

Formal introductions were made, but Venus was having a hard time concentrating. It wasn't that he kept looking at her; she had flashed him a small smile, and that would do for now. They were both of them too wrapped up in their duties to their monarchs to do aught else just then. No, what distracted her was altogether more complicated... and unexpected.

Each and every member of her senshi team was soul mate bonded to one of the Heavenly Kings. The thought was chilling. Only in a dire, terrible time would such strong bonds between such powerful leaders ever have happened.

Venus suddenly felt ill. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, catching sight of that blue diamond in the sky once more. She'd once thought of it as a forbidden fruit, hanging low and succulent in the sky, but she was beginning to think it might be the poisoned apple, the harbinger of something truly evil.

What other terrible atrocity would they need such strong bonds to weather?


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