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Name: Siberia
Author: Ashe
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Word Count: 719
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: OMC (Kostya), OFC (Katya)
Summary: Thieves Kostya and Katya botch a job and end up in the middle of Siberia, in a fishing cabin, hoping not to freeze to death.
For: [community profile] trope_bingo "huddle for warmth"

Kostya was Russian, so he couldn't let it show on his face that he was cold, but he was man enough to admit it in the privacy of his own mind. He lit a cigarette and took a drag before surveying the situation with a critical eye. The cabin they'd found was a tiny, rundown, one room thing set just off the ice. Probably a fisherman's den, but it was deserted, and that was the extent of Kostya's requirements for it. Outside the snow was still falling with a vengeance. In here, he was wishing for something to burn, or some place to do it. There wasn't a fireplace, or a barrel, even a trash can that wasn't plastic and likely to melt.

That pissed him off. Still, Katya was digging around in cupboards and pantries trying to find food or something to keep them warm. When she finally looked up and shrugged, he mirrored the gesture, trying not to become concerned.

To say the job had gone badly would not entirely encompass the full scope of it. In a way, it had been a tragic masterpiece. His wand was gone (broken or missing, but out of reach, surely). Katya was bruised and sporting a rather fantastic black eye that just kept looking more and more wonderful. His wrist ached from where he'd been tied up and his shoulders were still on fire from being hanged by them.

Uncle Timur was going to be livid with them. If they ever got back.

"In the morning we can head for the city." They were in the middle of Siberia. "The city" was probably more than a day's walk, but he didn't know where else to go. Their portkey was lost. They'd missed the rendezvous, and without a way to communicate with the family, they couldn't set another one up. Without his wand, or brooms, or anything... well that meant they were hoofing it muggle style.

Kostya eyed his sister, and realized that she was shaking. Shock kicking in, or was the cold seeping in already? He dug into the bag he was able to secure during their rather hasty retreat and pulled out the only food that they really needed: a bottle of vodka. He pulled the cork stuck into the mouth of the bottle with his teeth and spat it out before taking a swig and offering it to her.

He felt the burn as it crawled its way down his throat and to his belly. Katya took the bottle gingerly and turned it up. She'd learned to drink vodka the same way he had, with pride.

He settled down on the beat up old couch and gestured for Katya to join him.

"We're fucked." she spoke up. He shrugged lightly, tucking his twin in beside him. He still remembered realizing that he was taller than her. He'd never let her live that down since.

"Eh, we're survivors. We'll figure it out." They hadn't found more than the light wool blanket that he wrapped around them both when they were searching. Had this place been abandoned? It was better than being outside, if barely.

"Kostya, even we aren't this good." Was she giving up? He jabbed her in the ribs.

"Hey now. You might not be, but I'm damn good." She glared at him, and he grinned. "I'll go strolling outside tomorrow and there'll be a unicorn waiting to take me home." God, he must be cold. He was shivering now, too.

Katya cuddled in as closely as she could, half in his lap, arms wrapped around his chest, head tucked under his chin and face half buried under the blanket. They stayed that way all night, but Kostya at least didn't sleep. He was afraid to. He didn't want to never wake up again.

He must have drifted off at some point, though, because he heard a noise that startled him and he shifted. Katya, woken by his movement, shifted too.

"What was that?" Her voice was groggy.

"I don't know." He replied honestly. The door to the cabin opened and a great bear in white fur stepped in. A bear of a man at least.

"Are you two ready? Move your asses."

"Uncle Tima?" Katya managed sleepily.

"Yes. You two are idiots. Come on. Let's go home."
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