Oct. 8th, 2013

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This mix was really hard for me. I think I started something like four or five mixes before I finally settled on a format. Music is so important to me, it's a part of literally every aspect of my life. I cannot think of a time or moment of my life that doesn't have some kind of musical connection in my brain, so making a manageably sized mix was miserably hard, but I think I finally managed. I don't apologize for any of this, but I will say that there might be triggers beyond here for mental illness.

The first half (slightly more than half) of the mix is about me. They are songs that are important to me, songs that have shaped me or describe me in some way. The latter half is songs that I like, that touch me in my special place or make me smile. They speak more to my musical taste than the first half.

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